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Toolkit / MECHanisms

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MECHanisms – Make Energy Change Happen Toolkit

Are you planning a project to save energy in households or small organisations? Do you need advice on how to connect with energy users and work with them for lasting energy savings? This Toolkit will help you find your way.

Project managers and researchers co-operated to produce the MECHanisms toolkit. It is designed for project managers working in intermediary organisations promoting change in energy behaviour ("energy change"), primarily on the local level. These can include climate action groups, local energy agencies, ESCOs, energy consultants, municipalities or others working with small energy end-users: households, housing managers, small businesses and local communities.

MECHanisms is based on both practical experience and research. It is produced by the Changing Behaviour project, a project within the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. In CHANGING BEHAVIOUR, they used an extensive analysis of the literature, a database of 100 projects, a detailed meta-analysis of 27 case studies, interviews with 24 intermediary organisations, feedback from 170 energy practitioners, as well as six pilot projects to create the MECHanisms toolkit.

You can find the MECHanisms toolkit flyer here.

For more information: http://mechanisms.energychange.info/


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